Two Armies Of Death And Destruction

Death simply does not intend to take a holiday in Nigeria. At this juncture in time, both the crazy nuts in Boko Haram and the inept nuts who constitute the Army in Nigeria have concluded an unofficial pact which allows innocent people to die. Over two thousand Nigerians are dead so far this year, and another 750,000 have fled for their lives. Ironically, those being killed, for the most part, are Muslims and the murdering Boko Haram is composed of Muslims. They claim their goal in life is to protect the Muslim religion, and if it requires murdering thousands of Muslims to accomplish this goal, so be it.They ordinarily enter small villages, and begin to shoot or hack Muslims to death in order to save them from the crime of not being good Muslims.

This week, villagers in the north-east region told the media of their efforts to warn the Nigerian army of an expected attack from Boko Haram. Nothing was done. About 200 villagers were murdered. Some reporters traveled along an 85 mile stretch of the road accompanied by 150 soldiers and discovered village after village deserted since inhabitants had fled. The Nigerian Army insists that “it has Boko Haram on the run.” The problem is that the Nigerian army is also on the run — from having any encounter with Boko Haram soldiers!