Two Headed Republican Party

There is now good news for members of the Republican party, they just discovered a two headed shark  off the shores of Florida. The shark contained two heads, two hearts and two stomachs. This proves it IS possible for a human to possess two of a kind in their bodies. Consider the possibilities for Republican leaders, we can now have a two headed John Boehner. One head can support expanding our economy with rebuilding the infrastructure, becoming a backer of gay and abortion rights while the other head leads the opposition to these ideas. Just imagine, a reason why Republicans can talk out of both sides of their mouths!

Finally, a rationale for lowering  taxes on the wealthy while preaching against raising the national debt. John Beohner the supporte rof giving illegal immigrants a path toward citizenaship while leading the oppositon to this liberal idea. The Republican party has to provide funding not only for two headed sharks but for two headed people!

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