Two Italian Girls Die, Oh Well, They Were Only Romas!

It was a summer hot day on the beaches of Naples and the four girls decided to head off for an afternoon of sun, and perhaps, earning some money from tourists or other people on the beach. They were four Roma girls ranging in age from 16 to 14 and down to eight. They walked along the beach either begging for coins according to one version or selling trinkets to another. Around 1:00 p.m. the heat got bad so they decided to walk into the water even though neither of the girls knew how to swim. At this point, the story gets murky. Police reports suggest they went further into the water until caught in currents. The two younger ones were rescued by the 16 and 14 year old drowned.

The bodies of the two girls were placed on the beach. A few people came over, glanced for a moment and returned to sunbathing, eating or talking with friends. According to the newspaper, La Reubblica, “While the lifeless bodies of the girls still on the sand, there were those who carried on sunbathing or having lunch, a few metres away.” After all, they were just some Roma girls.

Some human rights experts are raising questions, not merely about the indifference of Italians to the dead bodies, but to events as described by the police. Why did four girls who did not know how to swim go so far into the water?

This is just another story in the Italian bigotry toward those who are Romas.