Two Step Dance Begins In Washington Over Mid-East!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington D.C. to begin his dance of words with President Obama regarding what is the solution for peace in the Middle East. Obama made clear to the Israel leader it would not be bound by “artificial deadlines” in its negotiation with the Iranian government over issues such as nuclear development. He emphasized it was “not in Iran’s interests to develop nuclear weapons, it would trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and it would destabilize the region.” These words were not ones Prime Minister Netanyahu desired and the president’s emphasis on a “two-state solution” was even less desirable to an Israeli leader who believes talk about the future of Palestine can go on and on and on without any resolution.

Netanyahu appeared to stress the linkage between curbing Iran’s nuclear weapon development and the possibility of peace with Palestine, but President Obama had the exact opposite view. He suggested improvement in the Israel-Palestinian dispute would ease the way for peace and progress with Iran over nuclear weapons.

In the end, Netanyahu was careful never to display a step indicating agreement on a two state solution and Obama was careful to step carefully on the future of Iran by emphasizing there would be negotiations and not action, at least, in the immediate future.