Two Yea rOld Shoots Mom!

Every so often another story about shooting and death really captures my attention. I was raised in the slums of the south Bronx in New York City where we had gangs and gang fights, and we also had the Sullivan law which prohibited the easy access to a weapon of death. Veronica Rutledge lived in the small town of Hayden, Idaho and she took her four children out shopping. They were in an electronic store in this small town, and the two year old child was sitting in the shopping cart. The toddler reached into mom’s purse as most children do, and found a strange toy. The baby played with the toy which actually, was a small revolver. Baby went bang, bang and mom slumped over dead. Dad said that his wife had a permit to carry a concealed gun and wanted the world to know that “she was not responsible” for the accident.

If not her, then who? Why in God’s sake is a mother taking a gun with her while out shopping in a small town where everyone knows one another? This is the ultimate madness of our gun laws. I await a gun shooting at a wedding as the groom reaches out for the ring.