U2 Jokes About Medvdev And Russia

Th good news about President Medvedev is that he is no Putin and can take a joke. U2’s Bono joked about the president’s preference for the Beatles, and said, “if that’s true, that’s it, I’m gone.” However, he added his own love of Beatles music means he will remain in the country. When asked by the media about the group’s campaign for many social issues, he responded”I’m really good at rescuing cats from trees.” However, it is clear Bono understands the Russian people because he added, that Russia was the reason the war against Nazi, Germany was won, and “I am proud that we are performing in front of such people. I have always liked the bravery of the Russian people.” To further his work in persuading Russians that his group was for their nation, U2 will link up during their concert with Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenkoi who is up in the sky listening to the music of U2.

U2 had waited for over two decades in order to perform in Russia. Any group which is polite enough to remember what the Russian people did for humankind in World War II deserves our heartiest hope for a successful performance.

And, please remember, any nation headed by a man who loves the Beatles, is on our favorite list.