Uganda Abandons Plan to Bulldoze Rainforest

Plans by the Uganda government to convert thousands of acres of rainforest into a palm-oil plantation have been halted due to massive protests both from within and outside Uganda. The Kenyan company Bidco had applied for the land. “We are not interested in a forest reserve,” said Kody Rao, a manager of Bidco. “What we need from the government is land and we are still waiting for that land.”

Among the myths of many multiculturalists is the one about evil western businessmen exploiting virgin forests in Africa and South America. There are plenty of local businessmen seeking to do the bulldozing and they really don’t need American or European business help. The rainforests of Brazil are being destroyed by native Brazilian businessmen and inhabitants forced to flee or work for a pittance. People in the West simply don’t grasp that the power of modernization cuts across ethnic, cultural, and government lines. Avarice is alive and healthy in all parts of the world.
Information from Mail & Guardian, South Africa

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    It was a more than necessary step to leave Mabira Forest and other potentially endangered and valuable areas intact. Happy that they made the right choice