Uganda Doesn’t Pander Gays!

Uganda is a nation that was colonized and in the process became accustomed to the ideas of civilized people. Of course when one employs words such as “civilized” that connotes the people of this fair land are adept at identifying people to hate. The essence of any “Christian” land is filling one’s heart with feelings of dread and anger toward anyone who does not believe Jesus came for those who were straight and believed love was only between those of opposite sex. The Parliament of Uganda has passed an Anti-Homosexuality Bill that contained the punishment of death for those engaging in “unnatural sexual” activities. It also makes it a criminal act to “promote” homosexuality which means discussing the topic. The assumption is if one discusses the topic the end result will be that listeners will instantly become a homosexual.

It is clear that President Museveni agrees with the basic ideas of the law but fears it might result in suspension of economic assistance from American or European sources. Personally, he wishes people would cease being gay and go around with somber looks on their faces.