Uganda Or Bust!

Conservative Republicans  so enjoy boasting they are Christians. I assume this means they believe in the ideas of leftist thinker, Jesus Christ. The nation of Uganda, which contains millions of black skinned Christians, has been devastated by actions of ruthless guerrillas who rape, murder and recruit children into their army.  The Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony has among the worst records for brutality on the African continent. President Obama authorized dispatch of a 100 man US unit to assist in capturing Kony and ending the terror of this so-called army of God.

Naturally, Ron Paul and other conservatives who boast of being Christian on Sunday, but see no reason to pursue those ideas the rest of the week, denounced the president for getting involved in a far away war. The Uganda army, under great adversity, has reduced Kony’s band of thugs from about 2,500 to 200. American forces will simply provide assistance and logistical support for the Uganda army in finishing off this petty tyrant.

So, what ever happened to Christianity?