UK Abu Ghraib

Evidence has emerged of an interrogation center in Iraq that was run by British intelligence and they basically copied the infamous procedures used in Abu Ghraib A British court was told detainees were starved, deprived of sleep and subjected to sensory deprivation as well as a constant diet of humiliation. The allegations claim prisoners were beaten, forced to kneel in stressful positions for nearly 30 hours and some were even subject to electric shocks. More than 300 former inmates have gone to court in order to seek damages for the brutality they endured at the hands of British soldiers. According to evidence gathered by the Guardian, in the process of training interrogators they were told to provoke humiliation, disorientation, exhaustion, anxiety and fear in order to break the will of prisoners. Naturally, British military officials have no idea that any such secret center actually existed and they are as dumbfounded as anyone that torture would be present in a prison. It is quite clear that no torture was inflicted upon prisoners. We have received information from that noted expert on interrogation, former Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld, that making people stand can not be torture because he stands all day.

This entire episode is a disgrace to Great Britain and it is necessary to compel former Prime Minister Tony Blair to appear and defend what happened. If you are prime minister and torture ensues on your watch, then you are the guilty one.