UK Bans Noted Terrorist Martha Stewart!

Due to brilliant intelligence work on the part of British officials the nation was able to escape from a near fatal encounter with one of the world’s noted terrorists, Martha Stewart. Ms. Stewart is now listed among the Osma bin Ladens of the terrorist world due to her attempts at subverting the American government. Martha was on her way to Great Britain for some secret activities that undoubtedly had something to do with seriously impairing the safety of the United Kingdom. But, fortunately, a sharp eyes member of the UK Border and Immigration Agency spotted the fact she had been convicted of lying to the American government about stocks. The Agency said it “continues to oppose” entry into the nation of those who have been found guilty of “serious criminal offences abroad.” Lying to the government is definitely a serious offence right up there with blowing up buildings.

It is a bit bewildering to non-UK people. If lying is a serious offence which gets people banned from entering the UK, did the Immigration Agency louse up by allowing President Bush to enter the country? Perhaps, I misunderstand. Lying to the government is a crime. But, the government lying to the people is not. Or, is this entire episode merely an attempt to prevent Ms. Stewart from assisting the British people to escape the terror of some of their food?