UK Blasted Over Failure To End Child Abuse

After 53 years of teaching in areas such as Harlem to small towns in California I have never once felt the need to employ physical assault on a child in order to perform my duties as a teacher. The closest I came to using physical strength was when some students assaulted me while I was trying to get a boy who was drunk to the nurse’s office. The Council of Europe has reprimanded the United Kingdom for failing to implement a ban on any use of corporal punishment within schools. England has passed several laws which restrict the use of corporal punishment, but it refuses to complete the task. Most probably, there are still those in leadership positions who believe “some” physical force should be used. It is one thing to defend oneself or other teachers and utilize force, but there simply are no reasons to use physical violence.

The vast majority of classroom management issues can be resolved through common sense and preventive measures. If one knows the children in a class there is simply no reason to assault them using the argument, “this may hurt, but I’m only doing it for your sake.”