UK Confused About Afghanistan Role

Ever since former Prime Minister Tony Blair decided to be the lap dog of George Bush and push his nation into the disaster that became Iraq, the British government has been somewhat confused in determining what are the national interests of the United Kingdom and should they support the interests of the United States. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is apparently completely confused concerning his nation’s role in Afghanistan. On one hand, he believes even dispatching 2,500 additional troops is beyond the financial capacity of his nation, but, on the other hand he tells President Obama that Great Britain will do its job in Afghanistan. Britain’s most senior military officers are furious because there are insufficient troops in Afghanistan which results in the Americans failing to allow British input into strategy, given that American forces have the largest contingent of fighting forces.

General Sir Richard Dannatt, the head of the British army, made a public statement about his concerns. “Britain’s calculation has long been that maintaining military strategic partner-of-choice status with the United States offers a degree of influence and security that has been pivotal to our foreign and defense policy. But, this relationship can only be sustained if it is founded on a certain military credibility threshold.”

Of course, an alternative is to leave Afghanistan.