UK Cuts Cut Deep Into Women Jobs

There is scant doubt government costs must be controlled after a dozen years of wasteful wars conducted on the basis of lies and encouragement of both the population and the government to live beyond their means. Prime Minister David Cameron decided the only way to deal with the huge debts facing his nation is to cut, cut, cut, and, in so doing, cut out jobs for women. Females in the United Kingdom currently constitute about 65% of the workforce which makes proposed reductions in personnel a dramatic attack on females in the public sector. It is estimated 350,000 women will lose their jobs compared to about 150,000 men. Yvette Cooper of the Labor Party, believes “this is a huge reversal of the progress that has been made” in female rights and its impact will continue to delay women in achieving economic equality with men. The assumption of these staff reductions is based on the theory of getting out of a recession by reducing expenses. Of course, this approach runs counter to the ideas of John Maynard Kenyes.

During World War II, the people of Great Britain shared in the sacrifices needed to win the war. How about raising tax rates on the wealthy to even higher levels in order to secure money? Of course, that would impact the old boys network. Off with the heads of females!