UK Diplomat Wanted UN Resolution For Iraq War

Six years ago a frenzy enveloped both the American people and leaders of the United Kingdom resulting in an invasion that was predicated on the assumption Saddam Hussein had WMD that must be seized and destroyed before employed. UN inspectors urged they be afforded additional time to pursue their investigations, but the dogs of war scented blodd and wanted to get in on the kill. Sir Jeremy Greenstock, the UK ambassador to the UN, expressed his misgivings then and today about the invasion that never should have been. “I regard our participation in the military action in Iraq in March, 2003 as legal, but of questionable legitimacy in that id did not have the democratically observable backing of UN) members or even perhaps of the majority of the people in the UK.”

During the Korean War, the US and the UK had the support of a UN resolution justifying use of force. The same was true during the Gulf War. However, President George Bush was determined on use of force and Prime Minister Tony Blair decided to support the erratic thinking of the American president or wanted to get in on the kill. In any case, thousands of soldiers have died because Blair and Bush ignored the UN. Such is the price of war– and DEATH.