UK General Blasts Blair And Brown

General Sir Richard Dannatt, former head of the British army, blasted actions by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for lacking the moral courage to stand up for the interests of those who serve–and die. He argues soldiers were sent into combat lacking the resources needed to succeed in two very difficult wars. He is particularly upset at the handling of the Iraq invasion, and lack of proper military equipment. His men were sent into a war which lacked planning or direction on the part of American political leaders, and then were left to confront an ever growing insurgency without sufficient forces to handle the job. Dannatt is angry at actions by Brown who handled the budget and would not allocate sufficient funds. He specifically charges Brown with a “malign intervention”in 1998 when there was need to increase the size of the army and provide it with weapons to carry out its missions. He is upset because Tony Blair refused to intervene and order Brown to provide the funds requested by the armed forces.

Some may argue why Dannatt waited so long to express his concerns. If the lives of his soldiers were at risk, it was his MORAL obligation to resign and take the case to the public. He did not. There are more than two morally deficient people involved in this problem.