UK Media Preaches Anti-Muslim Views

Richard Peppiatt was until a few days ago a reporter for the UK Daily Star, one of those tabloids which apparently has connections with Martians and other such alien folk. Mr. Peppiatt apparently allowed his inner values to surface and observed with horror how his newspaper fostered anti-Muslim feeling in order to sell papers and play on local hatred of those who are different. It suddenly dawned upon the reporter that stories which increase hate, also increase violence. “The lies of a newspaper in London can get a bloke’s head caved-in down an alley in Bradford.” For example, he wrote a fictional story claiming the Rochdale Council allocated money for a ‘Muslim only” public toilet just to generate anger juices of those who do not like Those people. He even dressed in a burqa in order to foster anger toward Muslim women.

Each night on Fox News, so-called, “pundits” utter the most ignorant and false stories about the American middle and lower classes in order to protect the wealthy. Unfortunately, the lis of Fox News and other such media sources do more to foster hate than love.