UK Military Tired Of Afghan Corruption

British commanders returning from Helmand Province which is a major scene for the famous, “surge,” report reality paints a sad and devastating picture of corruption run rampant and all the surges in the world will not win over the average Afghan until they believe a non-Taliban nation will achieve their goals. According to General James Cowan, the Afghan police are “most often cited as why there is a problem and why people joined the Taliban. So often, captured Taliban mention the police as the reason for joining the Taliban in the first place.” There are also many incidents in which the Taliban dresses in police uniforms and then steal and abuse citizens. To those who argue there is need for more police on the ground, UK military leaders believe more of the same type of police as exist now is a road map to disaster and loss of the country to the Taliban. The current process of hiring and training Afghan police has failed to create a new security force that has a reputation for fairness and seeks to protect the people rather than steal from them.

A dozen reports say the same thing about Afghan police, a thousand daily incidents in which police abuse those they ostensibly are protecting only further mistrust and turning to other sources for security–even the Taliban. We do not need a surge of American or British soldiers, we need a surge of securing honest and dedicated young Afghans who are ready to become a security force that is welcomed into villages of their nation.