UK MP Banned From Egypt Over Gaza Aid

The situation in Gaza is horrendous and therefore it is not surprising that people in other parts of the world seek to bring aid to those who are suffering. British MP George Galloway has been part of an effort to drive dozens of trucks loaded with food and other items into Gaza to alleviate suffering. After some initial clashes, Egyptian authorities allowed most o the trucks to proceed, but they also compelled several to enter via Israeli controlled crossings. Galloway, who once called for the overthrow of Egyptian President Mubarak was not particularly a welcome visitor in Egypt and it is not surprising that his car was halted, he was bundled into a van and escorted to the nearest airport for a flight back home.

The issue is not who is delivering supplies, the issue is the need for Israel and Egypt to end their blockade, install proper instruments that can detect weapons, and allow Gazans the right to enjoy a peaceful and productive life. All to often in the Israel-Palestinian dispute, anger, challenges to authority and lack of a willingness to compromise have prevented peace from emerging. Mr. Galloway is doing excellent service in the cause of peace, now leave and cease creating problems.