UK Muslims Not Gay

There are a few minor problems confronting human civilizations like disease, hunger, violence, poverty and war, but if one seeks to arouse fury, just mention the expression, gay marriage. The British government is introducing legislation which allow gay marriage in the land. The Muslim Council of Britain(MCB) is “appalled” because it was not consulted on a same-sex marriage proposal. It charges discrimination because the Church of England is not required to have its ministers perform gay marriages.

Department for Culture, Sport, and Media Maria Miller noted the legislation does not require a religious organization or individual minister to marry same-sex couples or to even be compelled to allow such an event in their premises. A church would have to sanction such marriages before any of its ministers could perform the ceremony.

In  other words, if an imam does not wish to marry a same-sex couple, he does not have to. So, what exactly is the problem?