UK Officials Aided Torture!

The current Labor Party of Great Britain traces its historical roots back over a hundred years during which time Socialist leaders fought for human rights. But, the current British government apparently prefers associating with oppressors of humans rather than with those who fought for human rights. A year long inquiry by UN investigators discovered that British security and intelligence officers were frequently present during the interrogation of British citizens who had been kidnapped and taken to foreign nations. The UN Human Rights Council claims British officials provided questions for torturers to pose to victims. For example, in one case, Azhar Khan, a British citizen was posed questions by his interrogators who knew everything about his life in the UK including details concerning his private life.

The Foreign Office of Great Britain denied any such events had ever occurred and accused UN investigators of acting “irresponsibly” and accepted unsubstantiated charges. MP David Davis charged his nation’s Foreign Office was “irresponsible” and dishonest.

Reality is if a person was tortured, they really can not provide detailed information concerning the lives of his torturers. Heck, he is lucky to be alive and demanding he offer “evidence” of what happened to him is ridiculous.