UK PM Cameron Shouts For Free Enterprise

It is unfortunate that the American Republican party does not gaze across the ocean and reach out to Conservative UK Prime Minister David Cameron as its candidate for the presidency. Cameron believes in capitalism and will fire as many people as necessary in order to prove capitalism works. “We won’t build a better economy by turning our back on the free market. We’ll do it by making sure that the market is fair as well as free.”

He has a plan to achieve that goal. Fire government employees. Lower taxes on the wealthy, rid business of “government regulations” and make certain those with wealth have confidence their wealth will not be harmed. Cameron believes in what he terms, “popular capitalism.” What does that mean?

1. Low taxes on the wealthy.

2. Allow bankers freedom to go into debt because government will free them from any responsibility to pay off their debts.

3. Cut medical care. It is YOUR responsibility to be healthy.

4. End regulations, any regulations that prevent bankers and stock brokers from manipulating money to make billions.