UK Politician Wife Honest Prostitute

The world of politics is filled with stories of members of government selling out their principles for the allure of lobbyist money. One could term the transaction an example of “prostitution” but few would employ such an expression for fear of insulting those who sell out their constituents. Mike Weatherley is a member of the Conservative Party in England and has campaigned with David Cameron in the last election so one can assume he is familiar with interactions between politicians and lobbyists. His wife was arrested by undercover police for selling her body in exchange for money. She apparently did not grasp that in the United Kingdom it is illegal to sell the body, but perfectly legal to sell the mind for money. Mike met her in Rio de Janeiro ten years ago and they were married. She apparently was selling her body in Brazil, and when asked by reporters if she was continuing her former work while in the UK, she replied; “I like it here, nice clients, nice people, nice place and nice money.”

Clara Weatherley is more honest than her husband. She sells her body, and everything is clear to purchaser and seller. She has not lied to anyone, she has not abused other people, she likes to strip, and show it all. That is more honest than what her husband and his friends do in the world of politics.