UK Seeks Help From Blind To Help Blind!

British Prime Minister David Cameron has hired noted American police chief, Bill Bratton in order to deal with  crime and violence in his country. He hopes words of wisdom from an American will ensure there is less violence in England. As I recall, the last time a British prime minister sought assistance from an American in order to reduce violence, hundreds of British young men died in Iraq. There is something that does not work out right when peaceful folk in England want aid from we Americans about issues of violence.

Sir Hugh Orde, President of Chief Police Officers, responded to the invitation with some curt words. “I am not sure I want to learn about gangs from an area of America that has 400 of them. It seems to me if you’ve got 400 gangs then you’re not being very effective. If you look at the style of policing in the states and their levels of violence, they are fundamentally different from here.”

I believe Mr. Orde makes a valid point. London does not have the violence of Los Angeles. England right now needs jobs for young men and women, it needs an INCREASE in social services. Unfortunately,  Cameron believes problems of poverty and social injustice are solved by more police.