UK Sends Asylum Seekers Back To Torture!

During the past two hundred years, England has been a symbol of among the few nations which have offered refuge to those seeking protection from abuse and death. Karl Marx was welcomed to the merry island a hundred fifty years ago and spent most of his remaining years protected against arrest because he was in England. However, something has changed from that noble view of being a refuge to the oppressed of the world. An investigation by the Guardian newspaper reveals the British government is sending asylum seekers back to the nation they fled in fear of being tortured or killed. The estimated 10,000 Congolese who escaped the horror prevalent in their nation are now being returned. Last week, a flight carrying 33 refused asylum seekers landed in KInshasa where some would undoubtedly fall into the clutches of the secret police and be sent to torture .

Nsimba Kumbi was sent back to the Congo. He was beaten, tortured, and even forced to have oral sex with a guard. “The government in Congo views Congolese people deported back home from the UK s enemies.” As guards beat him they claimed he was a spy. Such was the fate of a young Congolese whose crime was to be engaged in political activism and seeking to create a democratic Congo.

Karl Marx must be turning over in his grave as the current behavior of England to those who fight against authority.