UK Students Fight, USA Students Slumber!

College students in the United Kingdom are uniting in order to fight against raises in tuition costs while their American counterparts slumber quietly in ignorance about the effect of the recent Republican congressional victory in November. The British Education Network and the National Campaign against Cuts and Fees is sending a message to the government that students will not go quietly into the night of poverty. Raising college tuition costs means those with money will continue attending a university while those without might have to drop out. As one student leader noted there is need “to send a clear message to the government that we will come together to build a untied struggle to defend education that can win.” It is clear many British college students grasp the import of government decisions to save banks and corporations even if those actions come at the price of taking away education from students.

It is time for American college students to wake up, it is time for them to understand Republicans just pushed through tax cuts that benefit the top one percent of wealthy people, but it will be students and the middle class who pay for this increase in our deficit. It is time for American college students to mount massive demonstrations which demand that Republicans explain how the nation can add $900 billion in debt due to tax cuts but it cannot afford a $100 billion to pay for college tuition costs.