UK Students-You Got Money, We Got Place

Once upon a time in the past when there was extensive poverty, nations like the United States and the United Kingdom had free colleges in order that those without money could secure an opportunity to develop their intellectual capacities. Fast forward to modern times when there are trillions of dollars and pounds available to bail out companies and ensure those with millions never do without their millions. The United Kingdom estimates 135,114 students were eligible for entering a university, but there are only 22,000 available spaces. At this time last year, about 109,000 were eligible and 44,000 places were available.

It is now estimated about six students seek the one available place in a university. Liberal Democratic spokesperson, Stephen Williams put it quite accurately: “the irony is that while a record number of students have achieved the top grades, more young people than ever are going to be disappointed as they fail to get a place at university.”

Is there something wrong with modern life when we of the Depression era had free colleges so we could get a college degree and today that opportunity increasingly is not available?