UK Torture Inquiry Set

The long nightmare of torture and rendition of humans may soon be over due to a decision by Prime Minister David Cameron to establish a commission which will investigate incidents of torture and rendition on the part of the government and armed forces. As he noted, “the reputation of our security forces has been overshadowed” and they now spend too much time in paperwork defending allegations. It is time to clear the air, uncover what actually happened, and make clear that torture has no place in a democratic society.

As Cameron so aptly noted, “the longer these questions remain unanswered, the bigger the stain on our reputation as a country that believes in freedom, fairness, and human rights.” The opposition Labor Party announced it supported the investigation.

Presdient Barack Obama once promised to deal with issues of torture, but silence is the only weapon he has used in the struggle to end torture in the United States. The president insists he does not wish to create divisiveness. The issue has always been the reputation of the United States as a nation that will not employ torture. If Republicans become upset, so be it. Victims have been upset for a along time.