UK Torture Unit Reported To London!

The British government for years has denied any involvement in the use of torture which supposedly was something done by Americans. However, during an investigation into the death of Baha Mousa, an Iraqi hotel worker who was beaten to death in 2003, it appears there was a special torture group operating with British military forces. The Joint Forward Interrogation Unit (JFIT) openly boasted of using techniques such as hooding prisoners for long periods of time, depriving people of sleep and other “coercive techniques.” An important prisoner was not allowed any sleep prior to his questioning in order to weaken his resistance capacities. The JIT made clear to members of the military they did not report to officers in Iraq but to leadership that was back in London.

This is simply another example of what happens to members of the military when they are told ordinary law does not apply to them and they can ignore the Geneva Conventions. We can only wonder how Gordon Brown explains this one.