UK Tory MPs Not Gay

We are currently residing in the 21st century, but to conservative British members of Parliament, the good old days are the day in which to live. A coalition of about 100 Conservative MPs are circling the wagons of purity of marriage. They are concerned about proposals from  Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron which would allow–GAY MARRIAGES! As one conservative noted: “many colleagues are worried that it would fundamentally affect how marriage between a man and woman has historically been viewed in this country.”

In essence they argue since the United Kingdom is confronting serious economic challenges, “we don’t need to have it(gay marriage discussion) at this stage.” There are fears it would upset some folk. And, somehow or in some way, it would create “a legal minefield about freedom, religion and equality legislation.”

I believe we have gone through this debate when discussing equal rights for those with black skins or from Asian heritage. That discussion bothered some, and certainly confronted the meaning of marriage.