UK University Tragedy Still Tragic

I was born in 1930 and spent my youth in the great Depression. My older cousins attended the FREE colleges in New York City to which any student with a B plus average could attend. Those with B averages were able to attend the night college, and then transferring to a day program. The United Kingdom still has 181,488 students clamoring to get into college and as August draws to a close it is apparent that at least 150,00 will be left outside the doors of learning. Most of those who have not been able to enter attained an A average in secondary school, but virtually all college classrooms are filled. Perhaps, university professors, when they are not passing edicts about what should be done in Zimbabwe or urging boycotts of Israel, might decide to take a stand for students. If British professors can urge a boycott of Israel academics, how about urging an end to the boycott of students? What can be done:

1. Each professor in a university in the UK can volunteer to teach two additional courses –at minimum wages–in order to provide more spaces in the university for those who should be attending college.
2. An online degree program should be instituted not later than January, 2011 to handle ALL STUDENTS WHO COULD NOT ENTER NOW.

This problem can and should be solved. Pardon my sarcasm about UK professors, but they so enjoy acting morally superior concerning events outside their nation, but refuse to take action to protect the rights of UK students.