UK Urges Obama To Focus On Iran Diplomacy

Britain’s Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, urged Barack Obama to support a policy which seeks to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear arms, but avoid use of military force to attain that goal. He made clear the “prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran poses the most immediate threat to stability” in the Middle East, and UN efforts to impose sanctions are not an attempt to overthrow the present Iranian government, but seeks to ensure peace in the region. “We are 100% committed to a diplomatic resolution of this dispute. We will work closely with the new US administration on this issue.” There has been concern for years the Bush administration might employ use of force to end Iran’s nuclear development program.

Miliband also made clear there is a growing fatigue about the ongoing never ceasing discussions between Israel and Palestinian leaders and they are “tiring of the conflict, they are also tiring faster of efforts to resolve it.” Perhaps, for the first time in decades most Arab nations are also tired of the ongoing conflict and ready to recognize Israel if they can obtain assurances the 1967 borders will be restored. It is time for all parties to reach a compromise. A compromise means each side must surrender some of its desires.

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