UK Used Water Torture In Ireland

Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and George Bush can heave a sigh of relief now that news has come of use of waterboarding by British forces in Ireland during the 1970s. It proves the dynamic trio were simply using the same techniques of interrogation as used by British police against the Irish. Liam Holden in 1973 was convicted of shooting a soldier and the jury refused to believe his claim of being water tortured to get a confession. The Criminal Cases Review Commission has now referred the Holden case to the Belfast Court of Appeal after uncovering new evidence that might suggest Holden was tortured into a confession. During the trial a sergeant and a captain told the jury Holden confessed during an “interview.” Of course, they did not specify the nature of what British troops in Ireland term the content of an “interview.”

I wonder how many Americans of Irish descent now support the use of waterboarding as a method of obtaining information. When such torture is done to non-Muslims does it raise new questions in the minds of Americans? I wonder?