UKip Scares UK

Ukip is a political party in England which preaches fear and freedom at a time when many English people fear their world has come to an end. David Cameron and his Conservative party have practiced good old fashioned American Republican party values of austerity, protect the wealthy and things will come out OK. Yesterday, in a by-election for a seat that ordinarily would have gone to the Conservative party, voters elected the Liberal Democratic candidate and sent Labor into a fourth place behind Ukip. Cameron still does not grasp the need for stimulus, NOT austerity is the road to recovery. Ukip  insists a  libertarian approach  which supports small business and takes England out of the European Union is the solution.

The European Union has problems and there is need for rethinking its austerity approach towards Greece or Spain. To leave the EU might backfire on England since it could also lead to economic problems when their former partners decide to treat England as a foreign nation  which is subject to trade restrictions.

How about Cameron learning from the American experience. Our economy is growing, it is producing more jobs and life is slowly getting better.