Ukraine Has Become A Lost Nation

President Viktor Yanukovych has become the latest petty tyrant on the block who refuses to accept basic human rights in his nation. After defeating former President Yula Tymonshenko, the Viktor decided to introduce a new concept in political change. Charge your opponent of violating the law by supporting a law that you don’t like. He placed Ms. Tymoshenko on trial charging that she signed into law a law that was wrong.

Gee, if we followed that concept, George Bush would be doing a forty year sentence right now. Polish leader Jaroslaw Kaczynki is calling for canceling the football championship which was to be held in Kiev and sending it to Warsaw. He charged Yanukovych with “flagrant human rights violations in the Ukraine.”

Heck, Angela Merkel and even Vladimir Putin agree on this one. BOYCOTT UKRAINE should be the new slogan.