Ukraine Ignores Human Rights

Yulia Timoshenko is a former prime minister of the Ukraine who made political decisions during her term of office. She was defeated for the presidency and now the man who won the election wants to ensure that she will never bother him again. In a dramatic example of seeking to destroy an opposition party, President Viktor Yanukovych made certain that she was convicted of making a mistake while in office and now she faces seven years in jail, plus a fine.

She was found guilty of exceeding her authority as prime minister by signing a natural gas import contract with Russia in 2009. Huh? The EU has condemned the ruling as politically motivated and would impact future Ukraine relations with the EU.

How about:

Ten years in jail for George Bush for initiating the war in Iraq?

At least twenty years in jail for Dick Cheney and a five year term for his buddy, Don Rumsfeld  for their roles in causing the death of thousands of  Americans.