Ukraine In Chaos

During the past few weeks chaos has taken over in the Ukraine. The latest count is that at least 100 people are dead and hundreds are wounded because they want President Yanukovych to cease his cooperation with President Vladimir Putin of Russia and turn toward Europe which they regard as the future of the Ukranian nation. The past week has witnessed dozens of fires in Kiev, troops and police attacking the population and open gun fire from both sides. What then are the prospects for this country:

1. There will be an election and opposition forces will gain a victory.

2. There will be an election and Yanukovych will win. This will simply result in further riots and chaos.

3. Yanukovych will fix the vote and this will causes riots and chaos.

4. Russia will send military aid to the Ukranian government in order to establish a Russian style of semi dictatorship.

5. Democracy would triumph in the country.

6. Western Ukraine would secede from the eastern region which favors close relationship with Russia.

One of these outcomes will occur.