Ukraine In My Heart

It was only several years ago when hundreds of thousands were in the streets of Kiev demanding democracy. They did achieve establishment of a democratic government only to have Mr. Viktor Yanukovych transform it into his own version of what constitutes democracy. His version is more akin to that of our beloved Vladimir Putin, guardian of the reigns of power inside Russia, and from his persective, outside the borders of Mother Russia. A few hundred thousand are protesting the decision of Yanukovych to turn down an opportunity to become part of the European Union and opt to become a flunky state of Vladimir Putin. Just imagine, preferring the bare chested hero of brutality and hate instead of the gay streets of Paris! We are witnesssing the birth of the Second Orange Revolution in the Ukraine. A large percent of Ukrainians are convinced the future with Europe offers greater opportunitis than being the servant of Ptuin.

Protesters are blocking government offices and challenging the president to take action for a better future. He is frightened of Putin and fears angering the great leader of Russia. There will be violence, there will be anger, there will be threats from Putin, but will there be freedom for the people of the Ukraine is the question?