Ukraine Never Changes

As the son of a man who walked a thousand miles to get the hell out of the Ukraine, I must confess  not being the most supportive person for that nation. My grandfather go the hell  beat out of him by Ukrainian thugs and a few hundred Jews died during the pogrom of 1905. So, what is new in the Ukraine in 2012? Another thug in power named Prime Minister Yanukovich and another thug using his power to oppress people.

He organized a farce of a trial against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymonshenko for signing a bill that was controversial. Heck, if in America we locked up any government official who backed a law that was  not popular, there would be no room left in our jails. The British government announced it would boycott the opening rounds of the 2012 Euro  football games to protest the farce trial of Tymonshenko. British officials expressed the “widespread concern about selective justice and the rule of law  in the Ukraine.”

Boy, is that historically correct!!