Ukraine Still Same Old Ukraine

During most of the  20th century, the people of Ukraine were under control of a Commnist government and thus learned dissident must be punished. President Yanukovych has spent several years in constant election battles with Yulia Tymoshenko, sometimes one is president, sometimes one is prime minister. The two dislike one another with intensity. Yanukovych decided to finally punish his nemisis by placing her on trial over a gas deal completed with Russia while she led the Ukraine. No one in the Ukraine was shocked at the guilty verdict, but eyes were raised when a former prime minister was sentenced to 7 years in  jail.

Gee, I wonder if we could have such trials in America. I wonder how many years in jail would George Bush serve, given his economic record of bungling and chaos? Or, we could have a nice trial for Don Rumsfeld during which he stands for several days since he thinks prisoners can readily handle such physical tasks. I assume the trial of Dick Cheney will  take place in a darkened room.

The Urkaine has to cease making the Soviet Union its model and try a bit of real democracy.