Ukranian Justice-Ain’t

My father was born and raised in the Ukraine so I am familiar with what passes for justice in that interesting land. During the German invasion in 1941 a lot of Ukranians joined in terror activity against Jews. The Ukraine got its independence and, nor suprisingly, the old totalitarian attitude arose. Yulia Tymoshenko lost an election to President Viktor Yanukovych and the man of democracy quickly placed her  on trial–or what passes for a trial in the Ukraine. She was found guilty of spending too much money while a government official. If spending too much money as a government official is a crime, we can place thousands of government officials in jail.

The European Court ruled the detention of Tymoshenko was a travesty of justice. The action was “arbitray, the  lawfulness of her detention had not been properly reviewed, and she had no possiblity of compensation for her unlawful deprivation of liberty.” Sorry, I am not shocked at lack of freedom in the Ukraine.