Ukranians Mighty Angry!

The people of Ukraine are angry and becoming even more angry at refusal of President Yanukovych to resign and allow the country to get back to some sense of normality. Thousands have besieged government offices as well as occupied dozens, not only in Kiev but in outlying areas. Anger stemmed from the signing of a loan agreement from Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin who gave $15 billion on condition that Ukraine cease any efforts to become part of the European Union and join with Russia in becoming a land which has billionaires but not as many middle class folk. Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov resigned and Parliament repealed its anti-rally laws which made it a crime to protest against the government. Opposition leader, Arseniy Yatgsenyuk twice turned down offers from the president to become the new prime minister because those in the streets want the end of Yanukovych and termination of any agreements with Russian leader Putin.

The feeling in the streets was summed up by another opposition leader: “we have to reboot the system. This is what Ukraine has risen for.” Of course, the possibility exists that Yanukovych will take a shot at using force to crush protesters and Ukraine will descend into civil war.