UN And EU Agree Kosovo Can Be Independent

The United States and the European Union have sharply denounced Russia’s intervention in the dispute between South Ossetia and Georgia on grounds the government of Georgia has a right to retake regions which have broken away. Within days of blasting Russia, the UN and EU handed over power to the new EULEX which will work with the government of Kosovo and, in effect, recognize the right of the former part of Serbia to virtually be an independent nation. It is no wonder Russia regards support for the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia as hypocritical on the part of the United States and the EU. From the Russian perspective, the EU and American support the right of a region to break away from its mother country, but to not support the right of South Ossetia to break away from Georgia.

Sebia’s Defense Minister denounced the action as a violation of international law. Perhaps, it is time to clarify the right of regions to secede from a mother country. Currently, the situation is completely confusing.