UN Blasts Israel Marriage Laws

Oh well, supporters who believe Israel can do not wrong now have another issue they can hurl at the world which only seeks to persecute Jews. A UN commission has issued a report which condemns current Israel laws that discriminate against against those who refuse to allow Rabbis and religious officials to interfere with their right to marriage. I was born into an Orthodox Jewish family, am proud of my Jewish heritage and raised my children as Jews. Their mother was Christian but supported their right to be Jewish. Naturally, religious bigots in Jerusalem claim the right to determine who can marry, and demand Jews be married in a religious ceremony. Professor Ruth Halperin-Kadan, who heads Bar-Ilan’s Rackman Center for the Advancement of Women’s Status, is a member of the UN group and supports the conclusion that civil marriage must be accepted as a right in a modern democratic society.

The UN panel also noted widespread domestic violence against Jewish women in Israel and economic disparities between male and female earnings. Jews have the right to marry in civil or religious ceremonies and we have the right to raise our children as Jews without being told what we can do by rabbis.