UN Chief Praises Burma Thugs Who Run Nation!!

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon unleashed a storm of anger from critics who wanted him to take a strong stand while in Burma in support of democracy and freedom for imprisoned leader Aung San Suu Kyi. On arrival in Burma, the UN leader told head thug of the military junta which brutally rules the nation, ‘I appreciate your commitment to moving your country forward.” Huh! Forward where? Opposition leaders are in jail where many are tortured, the people of Burma suffer from both lack of food and lack of freedom. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated bluntly what must be done by the United Nations in regard to Burma. “Only agreement to release all political prisoners (and) start a genuine dialogue with the opposition and ethnic groups will give any credibility to the elections in 2010.”

The reality of this movement “forward” was refusal by the Junta to allow Ban to meet with Suu Kyi in prison and silence as regards freeing any political prisoners. The world waits expectantly for the UN Secretary General to tell us about the “forward” movement in Burma.