UN Chief Tries To Pressure Burma Junta

The had of the UN arrived in Burma today in an attempt to persuade the miliary junta to do something to assist over a million people who have been devastated by the cyclone which hit th eir nation. it took two weeks for General Than Shwe to even visit refugees and even then, it was a quick visit, and then back home. The military junta which spends hundreds of millions on military equipment has only allocated $4.3 million for cyclone relief!! It is still not even clear if UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, will be allowed to meet with government leaders who appear unfazed and uninterested in a catastrophe to their nation. Their greatest interest during the aftermath of the cyclone was in passing a referendum which gave them legal power to continue their brutal policies in Myanmar.

Latest reports indicate the cycone left 133,650 people either ded or missing and over a million displaced. The Myanmar government continues to impede relief efforts and literally takes it time in doing anything that might assist their own people. UN humanitarian affairs chief, John Holmes, hopes to be “granted an audience” with the junta.

Unfortunately, there is scant evidence of any desire on the part of the military junta to cooperate with outside sources. They prefer seeing their own people die than acknowledge the need for foreign assistance.