UN Food Crisis Task Force Formed

The world is rapidly moving toward a momumental food crisis spawned by converting food production into oil which has placed new demands on the amount of food available to inhabants of planet Earth. UN Secetary-General Ban ki-moon, ordered a top level task force to take on the global crisis caused by rising food prices and urged major exporters to end their bans on export of food. His task force includes the heads of 27 key international agencies whose goal is coming up with at least an immediate solution to the problem of lack of food. Ban is concerned that Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam and Egypt have imposed limittions on the export of certain produce due to fear they will not have enough to meet the needs of their own populations. “We urge countries not to use export bans. These controls encourage hoarding, drive up prices and hurt the poorest people around the world.”

Ban noted, although the UN has pledges of nearly $500 million for food supplies, it actually only has $17 available right now. One can only wonder how much of what is daily spent to fight in Iraq could be used to feed the people of the world.

Ban is talking about immediate solutions, but the overall long term impact of rising oil prices and diverting food to making oil must eventually be addressed. President Bush talks about waiting until the 2020s to address these issues, they must be dealt with now.