UN Frustrated With Iran Nuclear Games

There is always a consequence for ineptness and diplomatic blunders which makes understandable the games being played by the Iranian government in dealing with UN efforts to resolve nuclear issues. President Ahamdinejad has agreed to allow transfer of nuclear materials to a neutral nation, then rescinded that agreement by taking a firm stance against such action. Iran’s chief representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA)k issued a strong protest and made clear his nation would resist “pressure, resolutions, sanctions and threat of military attack.” Most probably, the strong stand of Iran results from refusal of China or Russia to abandon their economic interests in that nation even though such action threatens peace in the Middle East. It is clear the vast majority of nations in the United Nation support the Security Council decision of insisting Iran must cooperate with the world as it works to achieve development of peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

There will be sanctions, there will be defiance from Iran, there will be words of delay from China and Russia. The question is whether these obstacles to peace will be allowed to continue hampering the need for peace and security in the Middle East.