UN Halts Aid Due To Israel Policies In Gaza

There is a tactic used in playing American football in which a player waits until the referee’s back is turned and then hits another player. Naturally, when the referee turns around the player who was hit is now hitting the culprit and the referee winds up punishing him. Hamas has accomplished a masterful job of provoking Israel to violate international standards and bomb women and children. The UN has halted aid in Gaza because Israel fire has killed two drivers of trucks. UN observers have also reported Israel forces made it difficult to provide aid to wounded women and children. During the initial Israel air bombing most of those killed were members of Hamas security forces, but now it is mostly civilians who are dying.

The Red Cross and UN agencies are furious at Israel behavior toward civilians. Undoubtedly, Israel army leaders placed immediate security over long term considerations in firing on schools where there were children. They may have accomplished an immediate success, but, in the long term, they have blundered.

Israel has every right to demand an end to rocket attacks, but that right does not allow killing children.