UN Human Rights Blasts Russia

Russia is a nation the world considers some form of “democracy” although the exact contours of its democracy are still vague. Unfortunately, the Russian people were unblessed with a man like former spy Prime Minister as its president during critical years when a democratic base was trying to be established for the nation. UN Human Rights chief, Navi Pillay, blasted the Russian government for failing to take a pro-active role in bringing to justice those who murder members of the media. “In Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation. little progress has been achieved to bring to justice the perpetrators of murders and attacks against (rights) defenders which occurred during the past few years. One can literally hear the yawn of boredom from Prime Minister Putin when it comes to the murder of those fighting for human rights. After all, he is a human, he believes in rights for himself and his followers, then what exactly is the problem the UN is raising?

Until the Russian people place in office leaders committed to human rights, the nation will continue enduring ongoing murders of voices for social justice.